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New to River of Life Church? We'd love to offer you a free welcome gift.

New to River of Life Church?

You might be wondering, what's it really like at River of Life Church? Simply stated, at River of Life, we're all about Jesus.

Whether through worship, giving, or the message, we want to make Him famous and know Him better. When believers gather in one place, with one heart and one vision, something special happens. Hearts are healed. Hope is restored. Faith grows. And relationships are forged that stand the test of time.  

We're happy you're checking us out!  If you have any questions about Jesus, our Church or any of the ministries we offer, please don't hesitate to ask.  Our prayer is that you find River of Life Church a place you can call home! 

NOTE: We value your privacy and would never spam you

What should I expect?

You can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere. No suit? No tie? No problem! We love your tattoos and ripped jeans. You can come as you are to River of Life Church. You'll be greeted at the door with a friendly smile by a loving, non-judgmental, caring person.  You'll have the opportunity to worship with a full worship band and LIVELY contemporary music, and a caring and capable staff to minister to your children (Birth - 5th Grade). But most of all you'll find genuine people who care and who are willing to pray with you at any given time.

We encourage you when you come, to stop by the Info Hub as soon as you enter in the doors of the Church.  There you can ask any question about our Church and the Hosts will be able to direct you to all information. 

Service Times

Sundays: 10am

  • 9:00am - Prayer
  • 10:00am - Worship + Message

Wednesdays: 6pm

  • Kids (Birth - 5th Grade)
  • Teens (6th - 12th)
  • Kingdom Lifestyle Training (Discipleship)

What should I wear?

We're an informal Church. You can come in jeans, shorts, flip flops or whatever you're comfortable wearing. We don't judge based on appearance or social/financial status. God's not a fashion guru. He cares more about your heart and so do we. 

How long are the services?

Our services generally last about 1.5 hrs. During our services you will experience heartfelt worship and interactive messages with videos, illustrations, and simple ways to understand the message of Christ. We leave room for God to do a work in your life, and sometimes that may extend. Of course, that's totally dependent on you. We encourage everyone to make a heartfelt connection with God during our service times.

How about my kids?

We love your children! If you choose not to utilize our children's ministry you may keep your children with you during the service. However, if you choose to take advantage of our awesome Kid's Ministries, as soon as you enter the front doors of the Church, take a left down the hall to our children's wing. There you will find a caring children's minister willing and able to help you and your children feel welcomed, and help you with the check-in process. We have a safe and secure check-in policy, as that's our #1 priority at River of Life Church. Rest assured, your child will have fun learning in our age appropriate, interactive time of worship and teaching.

Discover River of Life Church

At River of Life Church, our main desire is for you to feel like you belong. Discover Class helps you become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of River of Life Church. Come to connect with others and learn about how you can be a part of what we do.

What we believe?

We adhere to the Assemblies of God tenets of faith and its core doctrines. We are a Full Gospel Church and believe that the Bible is God's Word and is useful for our every day living. 

For more information on the Assemblies of God: